The Shed

Pacific Power Cats is based in the 65 tonne area of The Yard Brisbane’s facilities on the banks of where Aquarium Passage runs into the Brisbane River and have two 700sqm sheds with the ability to lift vessels up to 7.4m wide and 65 tonnes in weight directly in and out of the sheds using the travel lift.

Larger and heavier boats can also be built or worked on up to 30m in length in Pacific Power Cats sheds, with repairs, refits and maintenance able to be carried out on vessels in secure sheds - up to 600 tonnes at present and 1200 tonnes in the near future in another part of the facility.

Pacific Power Cats have the moulds for Peter Brady’s Pathfinder “M” power catamaran range for vessels between 12 to 15.2m, as well as the moulds for his DECKIT deck and cabin construction system. There is also a 7.4 x 2.2m flat panel table for the construction of composite panels and components.

Pacific Power Cats has its own joinery shop and joiners, it undertakes its own plumbing and electrical work and has a very close working relationship with all other trades involved in the marine industry.